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In January 2017 my partner and I came to view a property on Arranmore Island. When we returned in February we brought our two children Mia (8) and Logan (5) along with us. Whilst we were here we all went along to Arranmore Ns1 where we were instantly welcomed with open arms by all the staff.

Without hesitation Maistreas Michelle invited us in for a chat. We were given all the relevant information we were looking for about the school and how the school works. My children were able to go into the classroom where they were greeted by such a lovely, friendly and happy group of children. Straight away, a young boy came forward so confidently and introduced himself to my children and asked if they wanted to dance with them which was so kind and made my children feel so welcomed.

What I did notice was the difference in pupil numbers in an island school. My children both attended a catholic school in Kent just outside London. The school recently had to increase their numbers from 30 per class to 60. This made a huge difference to what had been classed as a “good school” in the area which we lived.

When walking into Arranmore NS1one thing that really stood out to me was how much more quality time and attention the kids were receiving from the teachers. A real bond was evident between the teacher and pupils. The previous school did not have this due to the high number of children being taught at the one time. I felt that our children weren’t receiving the education and weren’t being taught at the level they were capable of. This was due to the fact that other children needed more help than ours did. The majority of days they were returning from school unhappy, especially my daughter. Girl’s personalities can be funny when there’s so many of them. Constantly falling out and making up which had made my daughter not wanting to go in on many occasions.

One upsetting situation for her was when she fractured her knee. Due to Mia being in full leg cast for 9 weeks, when her year at school was doing their Holy Communion, she was refused permission to take the sacrament due to missing time from school. This was extremely upsetting for her and when we mentioned it to Maistreas Michelle about this she couldn’t have helped us more. Without hesitation, Maistreas Michelle contacted Father Liam and my daughter was able to catch up on the work missed and did her Holy Communion on Arranmore Island. The Holy Communion was a beautiful and memorable day, thanks to all the hard work the teachers did. Mia was over the moon.

Another big help is the school lunch club due to the fact my children had never enjoyed lunch at school before coming here. Since my children have been attending Arranmore NS1 there has been such an outstanding change in their personalities and also in their language. One thing they are really enjoying is learning Gaeilge. Everyday they come home having learnt new things and are so proud of themselves when speaking a new language. Our children are thriving and beaming with confidence. Not once have I had any trouble with them refusing to go in. They have met and became great friends with all the children in the school, not only their own age-group but all of the children have been so kind and caring towards them. They all have good manners and morals and we are so happy that our children are now growing up in such a caring and passionate community.

As parents, making such a huge change was very scary but the amount of support we as a family have received from the school and community has made our move so much easier.

I wouldn’t change moving our children from England to Arranmore for the world. We are extremely grateful for all the outstanding work they do with the children. I couldn’t imagine my children being taught anywhere else now. What a fantastic school. I’m so proud my children attend Arranmore NS1.

Many Thanks,

Samantha McGowan

Samantha McGowan
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